Promoting rational use of medicines
The Delhi Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs (DSPRUD) started working from 1994 in Delhi and since then has been in the forefront of promoting rational use of medicines and improving accessibility/availability of quality drugs. Delhi was the first Indian state to set up Delhi Drug Policy of Rational use of Drugs though WHO had been advocating for over 25 years. A range of activities were initiated in the Delhi Health System comprising formulation of drug policy, selection of essential drugs – standard formularies, development of Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs), introducing a transparent process of procurement and distribution of medicines in the public health sector, training of health officials on rational use of medicines and research on prescribing practices.

Once introduced in Delhi the programme quickly spread pan India with DSPRUD providing technical assistance to many states in implementing innovative approaches effectively and efficiently. The programme was designated as INDIA-WHO Essential Drugs Programme in 1997 and was executed by DSPRUD.
OUR Achievements
The programme has improved availability and access to drugs and developed tools for rational use of medicines. DSPRUD has been actively involved in developing policies, implementation and evaluation of the programme. The programme has also has been emulated by other countries and is internationally known as ‘Delhi Model’. The unique feature of the Programme was the innovative opportunity-based approach to emulation of the Essential Drugs programme by other Indian states recognizing each state’s problems and priorities in health in order to provide medicines to all. In some states, it was possible to establish a comprehensive programme in line with Delhi State; whereas others preferred implementation of a few basic components such as an EML, STGs and CMEs first before developing a state drug policy. DSPRUD has been working closely with various international and national organizations namely WHO, World Bank, DFID, CORDAID, DANIDA, NCDC, ICMR, state governments and guiding projects/thesis on rational use of medicines and antibiotics.
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